TAPP primary clutch

please specify if the horsepower level is a legit dyno number, or a claimed number from a tuner, and which tune/tuner it is if so.

  • Easily-accessible weights and ramps are simple to adjust and tune on the trail
  • TAPP clutch can be tuned with opposite amounts of weight for fine adjustment
  • Ramps have clicker-style bolts with 6 different positions due to the 4-arm clutch design; opposing ramps can be set in different positions for fine adjustment
  • Rollers are available in 3 sizes, allowing for additional tuning
  • Compact design for tight spaces with multi-angle curved sheaves for better belt grip and cooler running clutches.
  • Extensive venting provides more surface area resulting in cooler running temperatures
  • High-tech bushing material withstands extreme heat, extending the life of the clutch
  • Centralized mass/low inertia design provides a quicker throttle response

  • More Setting & Adjustments Than Any Other Clutch
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Less Friction & Cooler Running
  • Better Performance
  • Longer Belt Life
  • Simply The Best Clutch On The Market

Note on 998 applications. The TAPP clutch uses the yamaha primary bolt and puller as well as yammie width belt.