PEFI HD upper gear bushing for all procross sleds.


The PEFI HD Gear Bushing is designed to ensure the best performance and durability in the most extreme conditions. This CNC machined bronze part is perfect for today's high performance sleds and all riders who want greater durability than the original.

Easy installation without modification and need of a hydraulic press, thanks to the PEFI Special Tool sold separately.
The HD Gear Bushing is covered by a limited lifetime warranty***

***Tool and HD Gear bushing must have been purchased at the same time, on the same invoice. All claims must meet the PEFI warranty criteria of the Product return, Warranty and disclaimer document.

Install tips:
1 - Remove the OEM retaining ring (circlip)
2 - Remove the gear and (2) washers (shim rings)
3 - Remove the 2nd retaining ring, the one that was at the back of the gear (Important, do not remove the bearing retaining ring)
4 - Remove the original bushing from the gear using the optional PEFI Extractor Tool
5 - Insert the HD Gear bushing into the gear using the other two ends of the PEFI Tool (in other words, reverse the 2 main parts of the tool)
6 - Install the ring shim supplied with the HD Gear Bushing kit
7 - Install the gear equipped with the HD Gear Bushing
8 - Then install one of the two OEM retaining rings (so, it remains one OEM retaining ring that you do not use)
9 - Install other chain case parts in reverse order of disassembly