HD chaincase tensioner and skate for 17 and up procross


Do you already know the PEFI Chain Skate? This essential upgrade which makes your Arctic Cat or Yamaha so reliable?
Please welcome the PEFI Heavy Duty Tensioner; an addition to the PEFI Skate that revolutionizes the efficiency and allows the easiest chain tensioner adjustment.

The HD Tensioner features:
  • A rigid machined steel tensioner arm that prevents fork misalignment and skate wear.
  • A bronze bushing that repairs and prevents wear of the chain case pivot.
  • A Steel pin shaft with a spiral retaining ring that holds the skate, replacing the OEM bolt, which unscrews easily.
  • An anti-vibration hydraulic piston adjustment system that maintains play and facilitates chain tension adjustment.
  • The PEFI Chain Case Skate is sold in option.

 Reliable, easier to install and adjust, the PEFI HD Tensioner eliminates all known problems associated with the chain case and its components.

Our confidence in this product allows us to bask it with a lifetime warranty.

Adjustment instruction: hand tight the bolt till bottom out, unscrew one full turn, then tight lock nut.