CNC 998 cylinder head porting


We developed this porting with verified flow improvements on our Superflow flow bench. The runners will be CNC machined and then finish blended by hand. The combustion chambers will also receive some work with unshrouding of the valves and blending.

You will need to send your cylinder head in and we will disassemble and inspect it for surface issues such as warping or finish, as well as inspect the valves, guides and seals. If there are no issues, we will have it CNC ported, re assemble and return to you. If there are any issues, we will contact you before we proceed to get approval for any additional work for parts and/or labor such as decking, valves, guides or worst case scenario, cracked heads.

We can also add other services such as a valve job, guide replacement or valve spring upgrade. And if you choose to install one of our cam sets, we will set up valve clearance on the bench of you send in your buckets and shims with the head.