Arctic cat 1100 turbo, locking exhaust fasteners


These fasteners use  wedge lock washer that will actually tighten as vibration forces act against it. Unlike other types of locking hardware which only act to keep the bolt from falling out, these will genuinely work to keep tension and clamping forces where you set them, helping to prevent blown out exhaust gaskets.

NOTE: due to some exhaust systems using a thinner flange, we provide one bolt that is 1.5mm shorter on the turbo to outlet kit, to go into the blind hole of the turbo, which is the upper rear. These bolts have the heads painted to make for easier identification of the shorter bolts.
on the exhaust manifold to turbo kit, all 4 bolts are the same length.

Torque to 27 lb-ft minimum in order to lock

For those using a Sandale exhaust and others with the thicker flange, it does not matter which bolt goes where.