1100 turbo cylinder head porting


We will perform a complete porting job on your head, all changes have been verified on our Superflow SF-110 flowbench from .050 to .0350 valve lift with positive results at all positions, specifically on the exhaust side.

You will need to send your disassembled head to us which we will then inspect for any damage and if the head is good then we will proceed. The cost listed includes gasket matching of intake and exhaust ports, shaping and blending the runners and bowl area as well as minor work in the combustion chamber to unshroud the valves.

Any additional labor needed such as a valve job or machining the surface will be an extra charge, which we will get approval for from you before we proceed.

We can even prep the head and send it to Swain tech for thermal coating of the combustion chambers and exhaust runners.