Turbo upgrade mods for 1100 or 998


Arctic Cat Z1 and ProCross 1100 Turbo, Cat/Yam 998 Compressor Turbo Upgrade

Our compressor wheel upgrade for the stock turbo features a larger, billet compressor wheel that is installed and then rebalanced on the stock Arctic Cat CHRA. The compressor cover is modified and ported to accept the new billet compressor wheel. Tests show a significant gain in airflow over the stock compressor wheel and horsepower gains throughout the powerband and above. 

It can be ran in the trail as an upgrade, or used as a full race turbo. 

For and additional charge, we upgrade the turbine(hot side) wheel and shaft with a high flow 9 blade unit to improve upper rpm range horsepower with less back pressure. This is not simply a clipped wheel, this is an all new wheel and shaft that are balanced along with the new billet compressor wheel.

if you need new bearings, we will contact you with the additional cost quote.

**A good working turbo core is needed when purchasing these compressor upgrade units.**