Hybrid boost recirc/blow off valve for 998


These billet valves are dual port, adjustable valves with he two venting ports of this revolutionary valve staged on the body such that the recirc port opened before the atmo port, helping to prevent backfiring and stalling, whilst still giving the signature blow off sound when the sled is driven harder. This innovation was so successful that the technology has since been adopted by almost every other BOV brand on the market.

These valves can be vented to full recirc like the stock valve, full atmosphere dump or a 50/50 mix. Changes are made by reconfiguring the ports on the body. They are also fully adjustable for fine tuning to your needs.

We have tested and recalibrated them specifically for use on the 998 Arctic cat/Yamaha snowmobiles.

These valves are top quality with very smooth movement and no leaks internally or externally.