Hurricane antilag for 998 Cat/Yamaha


The launch control for the Sidewinder-Thundercat is the best in the business. Its user adjust ability gives the rider control as the race conditions change.

Fuel Override option allows you to add or subtract fuel while on antilag. Daily adjustments can be made to adapt to the current climate conditions. Generally about 77% in the summer and 82% in the winter is a good starting point.

Boost Override is designed to limit the antilag boost. Generally we set this at the max setting.

Antilag Rev LimiterĀ  allows you to change the RPM to adjust your boost. The higher the RPM is set the more boost will be made. Set the Rev Limiter to approx. 400RPM under clutch engagement. DO NOT exceed 4800 for valve train safety reasons.

Timing Offset option allows you the ability to select the ignition timing from -12 to +5 to enhance boost on antilag. We have found the sweet spot to be -5.5.

TPS is a hard to soft antilag setting. We pick 100 setting.

Flash communicator is needed to use launch control feature.