B3C Ethanol Shield fuel treatment 8oz.


Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems in power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. It removes water, prevents corrosion, provides easy engine starting all year, and keeps stored fuel fresh. It conforms to Military Specifications (Mil-Spec) providing a level of protection never before available to the general public. It includes Mil-Spec All Metal Anticorrosive Package (Top Level ASTM & NACE Ratings) and Mil-Spec Antioxidant Package - Up t 25X more anti-oxidants compared to leading competitors.


  • Preventative Maintenance Formula

    Acts as a fuel preservative by adding antioxidants into the fuel because ethanol blended fuel (E-10) is rich in oxygen and acts as a fuel catalyst by keeping the hydrocarbon chains short, preventing the fuel from decomposing prematurely.

  • Removes Water

    Envelopes water molecules, preventing bonding with ethanol. By enveloping the water, it now passes harmlessly through the fuel system, including all filters and screens, to be vaporized in the combustion chamber.

  • Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation

    Water removal prevents phase separation which leads to the corrosive effects of ethanol.

  • Contains Rubber & Plastic Conditioners

    Dual lubricants condition the rubber and plastic components, and rejuvenate and protect the rubber gaskets and seals that may have been dried out from ethanol.

Usage Instructions

    Use in every tank fill-up.

  • Lawn & Garden (2 & 4 cycle)

    Pour 1 oz. per 2.5 gallons of fuel in fuel tank or storage container. 

  • Automotive

    Pour 1 oz. per 10 gallons of fuel directly into fuel tank. 

  • Stabilization & Storage Up to 1 Year

    Pour 1 oz. per 2.5 gallons of fuel. Store in cool, dry place; avoid direct sunlight. Run engine to make sure Ethanol Shield / Fuel mix enters the carburetor. 

  • Not a replacement for 2-Cycle Oil. 1 ounce treats up to 10 gallons of fuel