998 header blanket kit


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These blanket kits were designed as protection when installing the Hurricane header on Cat and Yamaha 998 sleds. The kit consists of a lower and upper blanket, a mid piece to seal off the joint between them, and a piece to cover the coolant hose on the PTO side of the sled.

A portion of the bottom was intentionally left open to allow some air flow to the header to help prevent moisture build up when sitting.

These are made from the same material as our other 998 blankets and the 1100 blankets that have been extremely successful.

The blanket utilizes a 2500°F direct heat resistant 6 pound density ceramic layer on the inside of the blanket to make sure no heat gets through. On top of that the blanket uses our signature aluminized lava jacketing layer on the outside of the blanket further adding to the durability of the blanket and the functionality. The aluminized layer reflects any potential radiant heat that could get through the ceramic layer back into the blanket making the lava blanket one of the most superior blankets on the market.

Installing a blanket can cut down up to 90% of direct heat emitted from your exhaust which on top of the safety protection and reduction of heat to under hood components,  this will allow the turbo to spool faster and be more efficient.